1. Name of the Society:

The name of the Society shall be “Women Engineers’ Forum of Assam ” (WEFA) and shall be referred as the “Forum” subsequently in these articles.

2. Address of Office:

The Present address of the Forum shall be 6, Ashok Path, Survey, Beltola Basistha Road, Guwahati-781028.

3. Jurisdiction:

The Jurisdiction of the Forum shall be initially restricted to Assam . However, it may be extended to the entire North Eastern Region as also any other region in India in future. But any dispute/case/suit shall be instituted and shall be subject to the jurisdiction  of  the courts in Guwahati  only.

4. Aims and Objectives:

The Objectives of the “Forum”  are :

i) To bring all the Women Engineers of the state of Assam under one platform and to promote and encourage friendly relation among all the members of the Forum.
ii) To work for identification and upliftment of the Women Engineers of the state.
iii) To work for empowerment of women and promotion of peace, unity in the society and to maintain the social and cultural heritage of the nation.
iv) To bring awareness of Technical and Vocational education among women and encourage deserving underprivileged women in different ways and by imparting need based vocational training.
v) To initiate and promote comprehensive socio-economic and welfare program in general and introduction and upgradation of the ecology and environment in particular.
Vi) To develop linkages with various Governmental and Non- Governmental agencies including international/foreign agencies to channelize the above programme.

5. Founding Executive Committee:

The founding Executive Committee of the Forum is constituted as follows:

Sl. No. Name Designation Occupation/Permanent Address
1. Smt. Rita Rajkhowa President

Retd. Principal; Girls Polytechnic,
Guwahati , Assam
Add. Narikalbasti, Mother Teresa Road, Guwahati-781024.

2. Smt. Bandita Phukan Vice-President

Retd. Manager (T), AIDC,
Guwahati , Assam

3. Smt. Rekha Majumdar Secretary

Retd. Sr. Environmental Engineer, Pollution Control Board,
Guwahati , Assam

4. Smt. Indira Das

Smt. Mridula Das
Joint Secretary

Jt. Director, Director Technical Education,
Guwahati , Assam

Executive Director (C), NEEPCO,
Shillong, Meghalaya
Add. .

5. Smt. Labanya Padmapati Baruah Treasurer

Retd. Deputy General Manager, AIDC,
Guwahati , Assam

6. Smt. Nayan Bhandari Sarma Member

Retd. Chief Engineer, PWD,
Guwahati , Assam

7. Smt. Bibha Das Saikia Member

Principal, Assam Engineering College , Jalukbari,
Guwahati-13, Assam

7. Eligibility Criteria of Membership :

All women engineers having B.E/B.Tech degree from any recognized Universities/ Institutions of the state of Assam and those who have passed out from any recognized Universities/ Institutions other than the State, but permanent residents of  Assam.
7. Cessation of membership :

7.1 A member of the Forum shall cease to be such a member if she resigns from her membership or is found to be of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence on moral grounds or termination of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons.
7.2 Any member found to have acted in a manner prejudicial to the aims and objectives of the Forum.

8. Organization of the Forum:-

8.1 General Body: There shall be a General Body of the Forum consisting of all  members.
8.2 Executive Body: There shall be an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Forum.

9. General Body Meetings:

9.1 The General Body of the Forum shall consist of all members of the Forum.
9.2 An Annual General Meeting shall be held once in a year by the General body and will preferably be held in the month of January. Not more than eighteen months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Meeting.
9.3 A prior notice of twenty one days for convening a General body  meeting   shall be given   to the members by the Secretary with approval of the   President.
9.4 An emergent meeting of the General body can be convened by the   President.
9.5 One-third of the members present will form the Quorum of the General body meeting. If a meeting is adjourned, the meeting will be convened within fifteen days to transact the same business and no Quorum   will be needed for the meeting.
9.6 Power and Functions of the General Body:
  i) To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the objectives of the Forum.
  ii) All rules and regulations framed by the Executive Committee for guiding  the activities of the Forum shall be ratified by the General Body.
  iii) To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Account of the   Forum.
  iv) To consider and adopt the Annual Budget of the following year.
  v) To elect the office Bearers and members of the Executive Committee.
  vi) To transact any other business related to the Forum with the permission of the President.

10. Executive Committee(EC):
10.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

i) President One
ii) Vice President Two
iii) Secretary One
iv) Joint Secretary Two
v) Assistant Secretary Two
vi) Treasurer One
vii) Auditor One
viii) Executive members Four

Term of  the EC: The term of the EC shall be for a period of two (2) calendar years.

10.1.1  Election Procedure of the Executive Committee:

1. The office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by members at the Annual G.M. convened for the purpose. Under exceptional situations nomination of EC members may be made as stated hereafter.The President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one of the Joint Secretaries and one of the Asst. Secretaries shall be stationed at Guwahati.
2. The immediate past Secretary shall  be an ex-officio member of the EC.
3. Office bearers of the EC shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

10.2 The Executive Committee shall meet bi-monthly, but the secretary may call an emergent meeting at any time with the approval  of  the President.

10.3 A prior notice of seven days shall ordinarily be given to members for convening a meeting  of the EC.

10.4 One-third of the members of the EC shall form the Quorum for the Executive  Committee meeting. Any meeting will be adjourned if there is no Quorum. No Quorum shall be needed for any adjourned meeting.

10.5 In case, any vacancy arises in the Executive Committee, the EC  shall fill this vacancy by nomination. A vacancy would be deemed to arise in the Executive Committee if a member expresses her inability to discharge responsibility or when a member dies or if a member remains absent for three consecutive Executive Committee meetings, without information.

10.6 The office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall normally hold office for two(2) years.

11. Powers and Duties of Executive Committee:

11.1 The Executive Committee shall have all powers with regard to management   and implementation of the objectives of the Forum.
11.2 The Executive Committee shall form By-laws in accordance   with the  Rules and Regulations framed by the General Body and report to General Body for ratification. Amendment of any Rule will be placed before the General Body by the Executive Committee  for  approval.
11.3 The Executive Committee shall have the power to constitute any other committee/ committees to perform various activities under the ‘Forum’ as and when necessary.
11.4 The Executive Committee shall examine and  approve the Annual Plan and the Budget, as also the Annual Report prepared by the Secretary prior to submission to General Body to   commence.

12.  Powers  and  Duties of Office Bearers:

12.1 President:
  The President shall preside over Executive Committee meeting and the General Body meeting. The President shall  have  the casting power of one vote  in the event of any resolution having support of  half the EC members (including the President) present for voting. She shall convene any meeting of the GB or the EC as and  when she feels necessary  in the interest of the Forum.
12.2 Vice-President:
  The Vice President shall act as President in her absence. She shall carry out all duties and responsibilities of the President in her absence.
12.3 Secretary:
  a. The Secretary shall perform all activities as approved by the   Executive Committee
  b. The Secretary shall convene meetings of the Forum, prepare the Annual Plan/ Budget and place before the Executive Committee for approval  with  the prior concurrence of the President.
  c. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings and with the approval of the President place in the next Committee for confirmation.
  d. The Secretary shall prepare the Annual report and place before the Annual General Body meeting or annual conference along with the  audited accounts.
  e. The Secretary shall perform any other functions, assigned by the President from time to time.
  f. The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondences and preparation and distribution of all publications of the Forum.
12.4 Joint Secretary:
  i) The Joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in all the matters of  the Forum. She will carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary in her absence.
  ii) Any other duties as entrusted by the Secretary from time to time.
12.5 Assistant Secretary:
  i) The Asstt. Secretary shall assist the Secretary and the Joint Secretary in all the matters of the Foum. In absence of the Secretary and the Joint Secretary, one of the Assistant Secretaries shall perform the functions of the Secretary, as  decided  by the  President.
  ii) Any other duties as entrusted by the Secretary from time to time.
12.6 Treasurer:
  i) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the  financial records and accounts of the Forum.
ii) The Treasurer shall operate the Bank Accounts of the Forum jointly with the President/ the Secretary.
  iii) The Treasurer shall prepare Annual Accounts of the Forum and submit the same  to an  internal auditor, to be appointed by the Forum and place the audited account to the Executive Committee for scrutiny and further action.

13.  Assets and Liabilities:

The assets and liabilities of the Forum shall be vested on the Executive Committee and the Secretary or the Joint Secretary shall be the custodian of the same, as may be decided by the EC.

14. Appointment of an Internal Auditor:

An Internal auditor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to audit the accounts periodically.

15. Audit of  Accounts:

The accounts of the Forum shall be audited once a year by a Chartered Accountant to be appointed by the Executive Committee after these are duly audited by an internal auditor to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

16. Finance and Accounts:

16.1 The funds of the Forum shall be
  i) The initial membership fees and annual subscription of the members.
  ii) Any fund received from well wishers, financial institutions, Govt. / semi-Govt. or any other legally constituted agencies as received from time  to time.
  iii) The initial membership fees shall be Rs.100.00 (Rupees One  hundred) only and Rs.500.00 (Rupees Five hundred only ) shall be the  annual subscription.
  iv) The above fees may be revised by the General Body from time to time if felt necessary.
16.2 The fund of the Forum shall be kept in any nationalized bank or scheduled bank, as decided by the Executive Committee by a resolution.
16.3 The financial year of the Forum shall be from April to March.
16.4 The Bank Accounts of the Forum shall be jointly operated by the President/Secretary and the Treasurer.

17. Suits and Proceedings by and against the Forum :

17.1 The Secretary or any office bearer authorized by the Executive Committee may sue on behalf of the Forum. The Secretary and in her absence the Joint Secretary shall represent the Forum in any of the proceedings.
17.2 No Suit or Proceedings shall fail by reason of any vacancy or change of the office bearer of the Forum, authorized on its behalf.
17.3 Any Decree or Order against the Forum in any Suit or Proceedings shall be executable against the assets of the Forum  only.
17.4 Nothing herein shall exempt the Secretary or an office bearer of the Forum from any criminal liability and  entitle her to claim any contribution from the property of the Forum in respect of any claim paid by her on conviction by a criminal court.
17.5 No member of the Forum shall be sued or prosecuted by the Forum except for any injury or loss, damage, detention or destruction of any property of the Forum, willfully caused by such a member.

18. Records of the Forum:

18.1 The Forum shall maintain registers to maintain the following records of  the Forum:
  i) Records of membership, including payment of prescribed Fees.
  ii) Minutes of General Body meetings.
  iii) Minutes of Executive Committee meetings.
  iv) Minutes of any other meetings hold from time to time.
  v) Stock Register of consumable and non-consumable items.
  vi) Cash Book and ledger.
  vii) Copies of all Publications and Reports of the Forum.
18.2 All sums of money received and spent and the sources thereof shall be recorded in a proper way.
18.3 Every member of the General Body shall have the right of inspection of any record during the office hours.

19. Amendments:

The Constitution may be amended if necessary by a motion of the Executive Committee in the General body meeting. The proposed amendment shall have to be circulated among the members and have to be passed by the majority of not less than two-third of the members present.

20. Vacancy:

Vacancy of any member in the Executive Committee or any other Committee may be filled by the Executive Committee.

21. Dissolution:

The Forum shall not be dissolved except under a Special Resolution duly notified by the Executive Committee not less than a month before the Annual General Meeting or Conference and approved by not less than two-third members of the Forum.

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